Linden, Littleleaf (bundle of 5 trees)

Linden, Littleleaf (bundle of 5 trees)

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Littleleaf Linden, also known as Basswood, is a medium sized tree native to Europe, with a strikingly dense pyramidal to rounded crown and is a desirable specimen tree in the landscape. The flowers are highly fragrant and attractive to bees.

Crown Height: 30 to 45 feet
Crown Width: 20 to 30 feet

Cold Hardiness: USDA Zone 3

Conservation/Windbreaks: A medium height tree for farmstead and field windbreaks in eastern third of North Dakota.

Wildlife: of little documented value.

Agroforestry Products:
Wood: Light wood for carving, inner bark used in making baskets
Food: Honey derived from flowers highly desired.
Medicinal: Used for indigestion, hysteria and nervous stomach.

Pests: No major pest problems known

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